Book review: Games people play - The psychology of human relationships

Book Review: Games people play - The psychology of human relationships


Psychology, Organisational Behaviour

Eric Berne


The Book:
The book, written by a professional psychiatrist and the discoverer of Transactional Analysis himself, on application of transactional analysis in everyday life through the identification and treatment of 'Games'. The first few chapters cover the underlying theory and then we move to the more practical and interesting part on Games.

This book is a good read for anyone wherever he or she is and whatever he or she does. The book is quite interesting as it deals with the day to day life of every human and that should encourage people who usually avoid 'heavy' books to read this book.

I would not guarantee that someone reading would like, or even understand, the book. Nor can I guarantee that everything in there still holds true. But even so, this book would prove to be useful to the reader because it would enable the reader to view humans from an altogether different dimension, which in itself would be a great boon.