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The Book
In StrengthsFinder 2.0, Tom answers why there should be a focus on strengths, gives an overview of the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment, and then discusses each of the 34 themes forming the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment in detail, with a dedicated chapter for each theme - the 34 themes are:

  1. Achiever
  2. Activator
  3. Adaptability
  4. Analytical
  5. Arranger
  6. Belief
  7. Command
  8. Communication
  9. Competition
  10. Connectedness
  11. Consistency
  12. Context
  13. Deliberative
  14. Developer
  15. Discipline
  16. Empathy
  17. Focus
  18. Futuristic
  19. Harmony
  20. Ideation
  21. Includer
  22. Individualization
  23. Input
  24. Intellection
  25. Learner
  26. Maximizer
  27. Positivity
  28. Relator
  29. Responsibility
  30. Restorative
  31. Self-Assurance
  32. Significance
  33. Strategic
  34. Woo
Yellow - the book is easy to read and relevant for general audience. But it is also a sales pitch for the personality assessment tool, which doesn't seem to have sufficient credibility in the psychometric assessment development circles.

I would suggest a layman to read the book as a self-introspective exercise and to understand what the best practices across the themes are.

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