Mid-Over Advertising in Cricket

Every now and then a fantabulously pragmatic idea strikes some creative soul in some part of the world which changes the way things work. Some of these ideas are so subtle that the ones affected are not even aware of the impact and power of the concept.

One such idea which has without any kind of nose or hullaballoo about it changed the way things work is Mid-Over advertising in Cricket. The first time I noticed it is in the currently on Indian Premier League 3

The game is on. And 99 times out of 100 in the T20 format the situation is bound to be exciting. The baller's just walking back to where his balling mark is. And right there in the middle of the over you have a cellphone handset advertisement. T20 the short and pacy format of the game of Cricket has become immensely popular in the cricketing nations. Due to the short span of the game the concentration levels of the viewers are also pretty high. So you get a mass viewership with a fairly attentive audience. What else could you want for an advertisement meant for the masses?

Hats off to the person who got this brilliant idea!