The Anti-Piracy Business Model

If you ask someone to name one thing that the film industry would like to change about the country. The one thing that they are sure to name is - Piracy, one of the biggest menaces faced by the Indian film industry. And the film industry is not the only one suffering. Software companies, video game manufacturers, music companies... the list continues. The ones mentioned above are the ones who suffer directly, the list of ones who suffer indirectly is much longer.
It was sometime last week that a headline about Karan Johar's statements against piracy was in the newspaper. Karan Johar is one of the biggest hit producer and directors in Bollywood- the Indian movie industry with a 100% success record. And he sure is one of those who would have suffered greatly due to piracy.
The headline made one think about how this menace could be brought under control.
Some of the ways could be as given below.
And here we are focusing on the film industry only:

  1. Put some hard-headed cop like KPS Gill behind this illegal industry:  KPS Gill is famous for bringing terrorism in Punjab under control. Sure he indulged in human rights violations. And as someone has said, "No ends can justify the means." But, nevertheless, those who would quote the aforementioned adage were unable to suggest means which could help to get to the end. Of course Mr Gill is also quite famous for destroying the entire system of Hockey in this country. But, not digressing from our concern here, his ways could prove effective in bringing the situation in control.

  2. Jan Jagaran(Awakening of the Society): To awaken the conscience of the society which in turn would stop the people from buying counterfeit stuff. This is something that is being tried by the film industry. And, in general, there are various movements simultaneously on in India trying to awaken the citizens of this country to various issues. The result - major part of the population chooses sleeping is better. Anyway coming back to what the Film Industry has been doing. Did it give results? No, atleast the results are not conspicuous to a layman. ?

  3. Technology: There might be some miraculous innovation which might end privacy. The movie would have some encrypted visual code so that when played if the sensor in the system does not detect the code, the CD/DVD would be automatically destroyed. Or something crazy like that.  You may believe in miracles happening. But have you ever witnessed one happening outside the movies? And, in any case, it wouldn't take the ones indulging in this crime long to figure a way out of whatever restrictions innovation in technology might create.

Anything else that you can think of? There may be several other such suggestions that may come to your mind. But, on deliberating further, you would realize that the probability of success of any of those methods is bleak.
One is not a business leader, one is not an expert on piracy related crimes and one is not a part of the film industry. But, he considers that there is a solution. One which is based on simple logic. If we analyse and attack the problem at its roots the tree would not live long. And the best part is that such a solution may even solve the problem of piracy through the internet, which any of the above methods will not be able to do.
.... to be continued.